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The first new car I've ever owned.

The first new car I've ever owned.

I bought this car at the beginning of the year and this photo was taken during its maiden road trip. Boise to Portland is a long drive and parts of it can get pretty boring. To stay alert and combat boredom, I found myself going faster and faster. 100mph or so was average in some parts and sometimes, I was going well past that without even realizing it.

It’s on my lifetime to do list to top out a car’s speedometer for the pure satisfaction of watching the needle squirm at its peak. I did it once with an RV but it didn’t really count since top speed on it was 85mph and we had to be going down hill just to reach it.

Anyway, the speedometer on this car reads all the way to 140mph. Unfortunately, once you reach 120mph, there’s a computer chip in it that stops it from accelerating any faster. Instead of reaching 121, you get a sudden jolt and get thrown back to 115. At first I thought it was some odd mechanical glitch but a few attempts proved that wrong. 120 was all I could get.

After setting the cruise control at 115 for a prolonged period of time, I noticed an interesting effect. The speed limit felt ridiculously slow. I assume it’s like leaving the nipple clamp on too long.

Series: 35mm, Canon AE-1, Mazda, Oregon, zoom zoom, SLR
Posted on: April 7, 2008