Intergalactic Adventure


Wallpaper Download: Widescreen or Standard – Image from Hubble’s Astronomy Printshop.

I’ve been on a space kick lately and came across the Astronaut Selection page on the NASA website. It looks like it’d take a lot of hard work, dedication and time to join their ranks, so unless they introduce a program similar to the one in Deep Space Homer, I’m not going to be signing up anytime soon.

Instead, I think I’ll just start selling all of my belongings and plasma so I could book a 200K flight on Virgin Galactic. Afterwards, I’ll be the homeless guy, staggering down the street, babbling about how I once went to space and saw the Earth set against the sun.

In the mean time, I made this wallpaper to hold me over. The image is from Hubble’s Astronomy Printshop gallery. There are over 30 images in there which humbles our existence and reminds everyone that we’re just merely an insignificant, microscopic spec of dust in relation to the infinite universe. All that really matters is what we choose to matter.

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