Golden Facts12.16.10

The Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge stands approximately 245 feet above the water and it is the world’s most popular place to commit suicide. As of 2005, there have been over 1200 known deaths, with a little over 25 known survivors. The fall lasts about 4 seconds and jumpers hit the water at around 76 miles per hour. Some notable attempts include a woman named Sarah who jumped off the bridge twice (after surviving the first fall) and a man in 1979 who swam to shore and drove himself to the hospital. The weirdest attempt belongs to Johan Hamburger, who not only has a funny last name, but also jumped off the bridge wearing a seal costume. To further add confusion and to his own twisted delight, he was dressed as a clown underneath the seal shell. When asked to comment, his widowed wife said, “Sounds like something Johan would do.”

The bridge is now fitted with suicide hotline telephones to help reduce the body count.

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