Painting with Terry

Directed, Filmed & Edited for Odyssey

There’s always something that’s keeping me up at odd hours of the night and this past week it had been this month’s installment of ODSY Vision. I’ve been sitting on this idea for over a year now and I’m so thrilled and fortunate to have had the opportunity and resources at Odyssey to finally turn it into a reality.

A few months after the idea first transpired, I came across a BMW ad which had a similar concept. It was a little discouraging since nobody would ever want to blatantly rip off another but for this application, I felt a bicycle was a much more effective and appropriate paint brush than a 300 horsepower automobile. It’s the same reason why I’m opposed to motor sports in the X-Games, man-powered machines are so much more raw. I’m a huge fan of the idea of creating something using sheer human talent and for this reason, along with my personal bias of being a bicycle enthusiast at heart, I clung on to the idea and continued on with creating our rendition of it.

Just about anybody can drive donuts on a canvas but there’s probably less than a handful of people in this world who can spin a pedaling death truck with paint sloshed up on the tires. Terry Adams is one of those people. We flew him down to our warehouse for a few days to bang out this painting and believe it or not, he actually ended up having to go through the whole process twice. First try didn’t quite go as planned but the second attempt worked out perfectly. Watching this video, it may look like it was a stroll through the park for him but trust us, it was an enduring 3 days of shooting on his behalf. To get an idea of what it was like, next time it rains, pull out your bike and try carving tight circles in the wet pavement. Take that experience and then imagine doing it with the bike completely upright, straddling the headtube and riding it like a unicycle on top of soggy plywood. For lack of better words, Terry is a fucking pro.

There was really no underlying message or artist statement I was aiming for by wanting to do this. There’s no “bicycling is art” and vice versa connection. Though I do find the paint on the canvas in the end interesting, the most intriguing part of this project for me was the application of the paint. The process of producing this work was what I wanted to capture. The painting which came as the result of it was just icing on the cake.

Thanks to Terry Adams for the bicycle trickery, Jim Bauer and Stephen Campbell for building the set and being an immense amount of help during filming, Owen Havey for providing the tunes and of course, everyone at Odyssey for helping produce this video.

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Posted on: April 2, 2011