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The Sounds of Earth08.11.12

Wallpaper Download: Widescreen or Standard

I got these images from / NASA. They didn’t have it readily available as a wallpaper download so I turned it into one. I figured some people might enjoy it as their desktop’s background as well.

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Facebook – 19 October 201110.21.11

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how to use jQuery in WordPress06.3.11

Depending on motivation, these “how-to’s” may or may not become a regular occurrence. I get asked web questions all the time and instead of having to explain the same thing over and over again, I’d like to just start cataloging my solutions.

I’ll kick things off with a quickie:

You’re trying to use jQuery in your WordPress theme, widget or plugin but you keep getting an error that’s something along the lines of “Result of expression ‘$’ [undefined].”

Chances are, there are other JavaScript libraries being loaded that also uses “$” and it’s fucking up your juice.

Use “.noConflict()” to get your party started.

// Code that uses jQuery's regular "$" can hang out in here.

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Intergalactic Adventure12.10.09


Wallpaper Download: Widescreen or Standard – Image from Hubble’s Astronomy Printshop.

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fashionable, even when fucked.12.16.08

Digital plaid screen of death.

Digital plaid screen of death.

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never obsolete04.26.07

My daily computer.

My daily computer.

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fashionable calculus03.5.07


(2x-5)^4(8x^2-5)^-3 = 8(2X-5)^3(8X^2-5)^-4[-4X^2+30X-5]

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