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Gary Young / 270 Table January 3, 2017

Live Streaming with Dog and Casper December 15, 2016

I setup a camera on a tripod in front of Casper’s couch and started doing live Facebook streams with them. They’re mostly uneventful, but sometimes they do some really cute shit.

Treefort 2016 April 3, 2016

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Dinosaur VS Cat January 10, 2016

Series: cats, dinosaurs, Giganotosaurus, SLR
Camera: Nikon D750

extinction marathon January 10, 2016

Series: Boise, dinosaurs, Street Photography, Point and Shoot
Camera: iPhone

Yellowstone September 15, 2015

a dinosaur, a turtle, an elephant, some sand dunes, one Kara, and a lost Northern Hawk Owl in Idaho February 25, 2015

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Series: Bruneau Sand Dunes, dinosaurs, Elephants, Kara Birder, Northern Hawk Owl, Owls, turtles, Point and Shoot, SLR
Camera: iPhone, Nikon D7000

Twin Dragon January 15, 2015

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Series: chinese food, Dennis Pecchenino, Point and Shoot
Camera: iPhone

Dave Thompson November 17, 2014

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Series: Dave Thompson, fisheye, SLR
Camera: Nikon D7000

#TexasToast2014 October 22, 2014

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Fairdale R+D Photos March 27, 2014