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Cookie Monster February 4, 2017

Series: green, snow, Street Photography, Point and Shoot
Camera: iPhone

Daggers January 1, 2017

Series: black and white, Ice, Point and Shoot
Camera: iPhone

Glacier National Park December 30, 2016

Series: Glacier National Park, Montana, Point and Shoot, SLR
Camera: iPhone, Nikon D750

Live Streaming with Dog and Casper December 15, 2016

I setup a camera on a tripod in front of Casper’s couch and started doing live Facebook streams with them. They’re mostly uneventful, but sometimes they do some really cute shit.

Heroin Chic December 11, 2016

Series: chic, Heroin, Point and Shoot
Camera: iPhone

Geneva Randoms November 27, 2016

The French Alps November 23, 2016

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Cache’s Chickens November 22, 2016

Filmed & Edited for Fairdale Bikes

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Series: Bicycles, CaChicken, dogs, Fairdale Bikes, graffiti, Street Art, Street Photography, Point and Shoot, SLR
Camera: iPhone, Nikon D750

Yeti Sphagetti June 26, 2016

With a rock for a pillow and sleeping with one eye open, Yeti Sphagetti is tougher than most.

Series: dogs, Yeti Sphagetti, SLR
Camera: Nikon D750

Treefort 2016 April 3, 2016

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City of Rocks March 21, 2016

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Series: City of Rocks, Idaho, Volvo 940 Turbo
Camera: iPhone, Nikon D7000, Olympus TG-4