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Words on Demand01.15.14


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Signs around Downtown Boise01.15.14




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a slit of sunshine09.3.13


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video in progress…06.19.13

Francis Delapena

Boise Train Depot

I’m making a video. It’s going to be filled with bike riding, adventures around Idaho and random non-sense.

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no one ever plans to sleep out in the gutter…05.21.13

6th & Main

sometimes that’s just the most comfortable place.

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Curb Launch – 6th & Idaho04.7.13

Photo by Jake Manlick

Photo by Jake Manlick

My buddy Jake hit me up the other day to see if I wanted to shoot some photos. I happened to be downtown already and since I keep my bike in the car at all times, it worked out. There’s a lot of fun spots to session in downtown Boise but one of my most favorite things to do is just cruise around, launch curb cuts and hop over random stuff. This curb launcher is on the corner of 6th and Idaho. Minus the zebra pants, this is what “street” riding is for me these days. I hit this thing just about every time I pedal through.

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Treefort 2013 / Boise, ID04.4.13

Treefort Music Fest - Boise, Idaho

Treefort Music Fest – Boise, Idaho

I missed out on last year’s inaugural Treefort Music Fest but I made up for it this time around with plenty of partying and shutter clicking. Here are some snapshots I collected from the weekend. Shout out to The Dedicated Servers for hooking me up with a pass and Pie Hole for keeping my camera safe when I had left it on their patio. That was probably the fastest I had ever ran in my life.

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I woke up the other day a lot earlier than usual and when I looked out my bedroom window, I couldn’t see shit. There was a thick layer of fog draping over the city and my gut reaction was to drive up to Bogus to get above it. I had this image in my head of a picture perfect inversion, similar to the ones you see from airplanes. I was real excited about the trek since I’ve never seen a proper inversion like that in Boise before. I remember seeing it in the local news but that’s about it. I had never actually driven up there to see it myself.

Anyway, when I got about halfway up, I found this triple decker sandwich of clouds instead.

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GWAR 2012 – Boise, ID01.18.13

I had heard of GWAR before prior to this show but I didn’t know much about them. I just knew Mat Hoffman liked them and a handful of their songs had been in BMX videos. It wasn’t until I saw this Joan Rivers interview that I realized the extent of their awesomeness.

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Kootenai St. - Boise, Idaho

Kootenai St. – Boise, Idaho

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Boise, Idaho – 2012 Summer Solstice06.27.12

Wallpaper Download: Widescreen or Standard

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