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Dauphin Island, Alabama01.19.14

Dauhpin Island

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The Dedicated Servers – November 201301.13.14


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Clouds – TPE to LAX11.16.11

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There were two highlights during my flight home from Taiwan. One involved the sun setting on a blanket of clouds and the other involved the person sitting next to me projectile vomiting onto a flight attendant. Both highlights were the epitome of their respective epicness and they each left me with the biggest shit eating grin.

If clouds sometimes give you unexplainable boners, click HERE for more photos of them doing their thing.

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Thunderbolt. Tested. Proven.10.7.11

Filmed & Edited for Odyssey (Part of the Stampy Series)

I flew to Taiwan recently to document how Odyssey‘s new Thunderbolt cranks are lab tested and how they stack up against the competition. This is the 69 second long marketing piece I returned with.

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In the Warehouse with Eric Lichtenberger09.6.11

Filmed and Edited for Odyssey

Kids in BMX are funny. We posted this up last week and the biggest complaint was it was trying to be too “artsy” with the lighting and it also got accused of biting a series of skate videos I’ve never even seen. The irony and fact of the matter is, I turned the main lights off so you wouldn’t see all the random shit we had laying around all over the place.

On a positive note, I’m really psyched on how the little silent film in the beginning turned out.

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Tom Dugan – Boost08.1.11

Printed in issue 2 of The Albion. Download the Wallpaper.

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Painting with Terry04.2.11

Directed, Filmed & Edited for Odyssey

There’s always something that’s keeping me up at odd hours of the night and this past week it had been this month’s installment of ODSY Vision. I’ve been sitting on this idea for over a year now and I’m so thrilled and fortunate to have had the opportunity and resources at Odyssey to finally turn it into a reality.

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ODSY VISION – 201102.1.11

Filmed & Edited for Odyssey

2011 is upon us and here’s some new fire to kick off the new year from just about all the dudes in the Odyssey family. In this edit, you’ll find Hoang Tran, Gary Young, Terry Adams, Tom Dugan, Aaron Ross, Eric Lichtenberger, Adam Banton, Matt Beringer, Tom Perry, Matthias Dandois, Jimmy Levan, KC Badger, Justin Simpson, Chase Hawk, Sean Sexton and even a couple clips of Mike Aitken! Sit back and enjoy!

- OdysseyBMX.com

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good nite12.14.10

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Don’t act like you’ve never gotten stuck in a chair before.

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