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Erik Ream – Ft. Boise Channel Gap April 19, 2011

From one quarter to the other

From one quarter to the other

I always forget I usually have a camera in my car whenever I go to the skatepark. I also always forget how good Erik is at riding bikes. Tonight, I remembered both.

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ground level fufanu May 27, 2007


Erik Ream

alleyoop pancake May 27, 2007


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jumping the chasm May 27, 2007

Erik Ream - Kuna, ID

Erik Ream - Kuna, ID

the reamer gap February 5, 2006

I love BMX photos that actually require a caption. Ones where you look at it and you think you might have a good idea what’s going on but at the same time, you have that little doubt in the back of your mind saying, “No fucking way.” 

This is Erik Ream, dropping from the sky, en route from the spine in the background to the hip in the foreground.