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Cache’s Chickens November 22, 2016

Filmed & Edited for Fairdale Bikes

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Number Hill September 6, 2015

Along the hills of the world’s first city powered by atomic energy, you’ll find a peculiar set of numbers disorderly painted across the face of its most prominent hill. A tradition dating back to nearly a century, it all began when the 1920 senior class of Butte County High School decided to leave its mark. Each graduating class thereafter followed suit.

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conversations with strangers January 11, 2012

@TheCompoundRP - New Orleans, Louisiana

@TheCompoundRP - New Orleans, Louisiana

Eat December 5, 2010

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fredalicious September 17, 2010



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simple monster December 3, 2009

robot love. September 12, 2009

I Opposite of Hate You

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