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Cookie Monster February 4, 2017

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Emerald & Orchard June 17, 2015

Series: Bad Haircuts, Boise, Emerald Street, green, trees, Point and Shoot
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another field, another cow June 10, 2015

A five year old that’s still drinking his mother’s breast milk would be weird… but an adult drinking another animal’s breast milk isn’t. I imagine the first person to ever drink milk was some dude with a cow suckling fetish, and then when his buddies caught him, he somehow sold them on the idea that it’s perfectly ok and normal.

“I ain’t into beastiality, bro. I’m just sucking teat ’cause it’s a really good source for vitamin D.”

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Garden & Franklin May 19, 2015

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Free Canoe June 20, 2014

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Camera: Samsung Galaxy

leaves vs. sky June 14, 2011

a battle to the death

a battle to the death

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Pay Phone – 01/2009 January 25, 2009

Phone Booth

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Camera: Nikon D300

looking up September 15, 2007


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