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Terry & Aaron – The Sequel March 25, 2012

Filmed and Edited for Odyssey

TERRY ADAMS & AARON ROSS are back for another adventure. This time, the duo cruises around Terry’s home state of Louisiana and team up on spots around the New Orleans, Baton Rouge and Hammond area. Words can’t even begin to express how much fun we had making this. Hope you guys enjoy it just as much!

- Odyssey

Aaron Ross – Dune Buggy February 1, 2012

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Camera: Nikon D7000

Terry Adams – Backyard Spot February 1, 2012

Hammond, Louisiana

Hammond, Louisiana

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Series: Hammond, Louisiana, Terry Adams, SLR
Camera: Nikon D7000
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Stu @ Hippy Park January 11, 2012

Met this guy today at a DIY skatepark in New Orleans. He has a drum cymbal on his front wheel, a chicken leg for a necklace (which he acquired himself from a once, live chicken) and he talked our ears off about the Mardi Gras native americans. Oh, and speaking off, he has an uncanny ability to bring any conversation to the topic of smoking blunts and its health benefits.

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conversations with strangers January 11, 2012

@TheCompoundRP - New Orleans, Louisiana

@TheCompoundRP - New Orleans, Louisiana