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D Gulls July 14, 2014

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fashionable calculus March 5, 2007

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lost suitcase January 25, 2007

Suitcase - Philippines

Suitcase - Philippines

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the penis cake January 24, 2007

inside the sheets January 21, 2007

I couldn’t help but notice the finger placement on my left hand in this photo. My pinky’s fully extended and all the other fingers are desperately trying to do the same. The benefits of my surgery hadn’t begun to kick in yet.

unclaimed baggage January 16, 2007


mix dance December 26, 2006

On a day trip to Jackpot, my mom asked me if I wanted to listen to some music. I said sure and she busted out her box of mix tapes.

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nintendo November 3, 2006

Childhood nostalgia in full effect.

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it’s spelled with one o September 20, 2006

Trying to document your thoughts while being ridiculously high does not work.

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Series: high, journal, Sony DSC-P200, Point and Shoot

yellow September 10, 2006

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Camera: Nikon D100

Donnie Mac’s Trailer Park Cuisine July 25, 2006

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