SpaceX Starbase in Texas

Starbase is Kinda Fucking Nuts...

Especially when you really start thinking about it. Visiting it feels a lot like going to the edge of the country, and going right into the middle of a construction zone for the world's largest and most powerful rockets. And the reason why it feels that way is because that's literally it. 

Starbase is bustling with activity and the amount of access and how close the public could get to a fully stacked launch pad is surreal to say the least. It's what I imagine visiting the Kennedy Space Center would've been like during the beginning of the Apollo era if the public were able to run amok and get within 1000ft of the launch pad.

I'm sure it's annoying for SpaceX but it is what it is. As it currently stands, it's surrounded by public land. I'm sure that'll inevitably change as the space is constantly changing so visiting now is as raw and unfiltered as it ever will be.

How to View a Launch and Where to Stay.

There's plenty of places to watch Starship soar, but here's the top 3 that's most accessible and has some of the best views.

Join the Crowd at Isla Blanca »

The most accessible place to watch the launch is probably from Isla Blanca Park in South Padre Island. You can either stay in one of the many hotels within walking distance of it on the west end of SPI or simply drive there. If driving, you'll want to get there super early 'cause traffic across the bridge will be packed and it may even get closed entirely.

Watch in Comfort and Privacy at Margaritaville »

If you want the comfort of a hotel room and watch from your own private balcony, Margaritaville has you covered. You'll want to book as soon as they announce a launch date as the rooms get booked faster than Rapid Unscheduled Disassemblies. You may also want to budget for also booking an extra night or two incase the launch gets postponed. Tell them you want to watch the launch and they should give you a room high enough to see the launch pad.

Melt your face off at Rocket Ranch »

One of the closest spots that'll let you feel the full roar of the launch would have to be Rocket Ranch. More Rocket Ranch pics and info below.

The Rocket Ranch